Other Value Added Services

  • Business Research

Research and analysis of new and existing markets, Industries, competitors, clients, New innovation, potential acquisitions etc.

  • Market Research

Multi lingual telephone, web, face to face surveys to understand and quantify new market opportunities, client satisfaction, Industry Trends etc.

  • Investment Research

Company & Sectoral research, DCF & LBO, financial modelling support, fixed income, credit & quant research, pitch book & marketing etc.

  • Research and Analysis Services
    • Analysis of existing and upcoming markets
    • Analysis of industry, competitors, etc.
    • Analysis of innovative possibilities
    • Analysis of customer satisfaction
    • Analysis of market opportunities
    • Analysis of industry trends
  • Due Diligence Services: Due Diligence is generally done at the time of buying a company or making a major investment and during this process we normally perform five major reviews–a legal review, a financial review, a management review, a marketing review and an operations/technical review.
    • Legal review focuses on finding major legal risks such as lawsuits against the company, substantial regulatory non-compliance, possible corporate fraud and contractual burdens.
    • Financial review focuses on the company’s overall debt burden, the availability of working capital and the company’s debt/equity ratio.
    • Management review focuses on management turnover, possible conflicts of interest and the backgrounds of key employees.
    • Marketing review focuses on the company’s marketing plan, the competition and the potential for the entrance of new competition into the market.
    • Operations/technical review focuses on the expertise and work ethic of lower and mid-level employees, the state of repair of company equipment and safety features. A due diligence investigation of any company will uncover weaknesses in one or more of these areas, so it is important to classify weaknesses using two scales—the magnitude of the risk and the likelihood of its occurrence.